The Society meets on the last Thursday of the month, at St Cuthbert’s Church Crypt, Sandy Park Road, Brislington, commencing at 7.30pm. During winter months (November to February) meetings are held in the afternoon (2.00pm). Meetings comprise a talk, which may be illustrated, by a Society member or invited speakers, on issues of general or local interest. We aim to provide at least two Brislington-themed events each year. In 2018 the Society held talks on Brislington Collieries and the Engine House, Building Buses in Brislington, as well as ‘home-produced’ events. ‘Brislington in the 1960’s’ (a series of photographs discovered in 2012 and given to the Society) and a moving presentation about the effect of World War I on the village, which included photographs, letters and memories of those involved.

Forthcoming meetings:

2019 Events

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 26th 7.30pm - Jonathan Rowe presents "EN ROUTE TO ST ANNE'S", a further selection of 200 photos of Brislington and St Anne's taken in the 1960s which were discovered in 2011 and saved from the skip!

THURSDAY OCTOBER 31ST 7.30pm - Jonathan Rowe presents 'A TALE OF TWO HOUSES', a fascinating story of two buildings in Bristol and Hampshire linked over time, with many previously unknown connections, including an equally amazing personal link between Jonathan and an old school friend which dates back 50 years!

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 28TH 2.00pm - 'COTTON THREADS' A talk by Gary Atterton about the Great Western Cotton Factory in Barton Hill.

In DECEMBER the Society holds its Annual Christmas Lunch (members only).

JANUARY 2020 - No Meeting

Other events

The December event (members only) is usually a Christmas meal held in a local restaurant.

The Society also holds exhibitions of memorabilia and items of Brislington History. These include photographs and information eg History of Sandy Park shops. The Brislington Archaeology Project, who are linked to the Society, have provided artifacts and information about the local archaeology. We would welcome any information, photographs etc you may have about Brislington to add to our knowledge and to record for future generations.