The Society meets on the last Thursday of the month, at St Cuthbert’s Church Crypt, Sandy Park Road, Brislington, commencing at 7.30pm. During winter months (November to February) meetings are held in the afternoon (2.00pm). Meetings comprise a talk, which may be illustrated, by a Society member or invited speakers, on issues of general or local interest. Occasional Local History meetings, dedicated specifically to Brislington History, are also held at Wick Road Library. These are intended to be more informal events, where members are invited to join in and contribute their memories.

Forthcoming meetings:

Thursday 28th June - 7.30pm
Society AGM This will be followed by a short talk about the work of the Brislington Over-50s Forum

Thursday 26th July
Trip to Glenside Hospital Museum. This interesting and unusual venue is our trip destination this month. It houses displays including medical advances particularly in the field of mental health, as well as when the building was the Beaufort War Hospital in the first World War. Cost £5, to include guided tour, refreshments and coach. Coach to leave Wick Rd Library at 1.15pm, and Miss Millie's 1.20pm. Return 4p,m. Contact Kath to book a place on the coach.

Thursday 30th August
A trip to the newly refurbished New Room (John Wesley's Chapel) in Broadmead. Cosdt £10 per head to include a half-hour talk, starting 1.30. Space will be reserved in the cafeé for tea (not included in the price) which is highly recommended. Free time to explore 12 rooms. Contact Kath to book a place. It is intended to meet at 12.30pm at the no. 1 bus stop on Allison Rd, next to the Library, to travel together to the Chapel, unless you want to make your own way there, in which case, meet outside the Chapel at 1.15pm.

Thursday 27th September - 7.30pm
Tracing your Family History. A talk by Shirley Hodgson on this fascinating topic which always raises more questions than answers!

Thursday 25th October - 7.30pm
A Village at War and Peace.
This month, just before the anniversary of the end of the First World War, the Society will commemorate the event with a presentation about the impact of the conflict and its aftermath on Brislington. This interesting and moving event will include photographs and letters from local people who went to fight, some of whom did not return to the village, as well as contemporary readings.

Other events

The December event (members only) is usually a Christmas meal held in a local restaurant.

The Society also holds exhibitions of memorabilia and items of Brislington History. These include photographs and information eg History of Sandy Park shops. The Brislington Archaeology Project, who are linked to the Society, have provided artifacts and information about the local archaeology. We would welcome any information, photographs etc you may have about Brislington to add to our knowledge and to record for future generations.