The Society meets on the last Thursday of the month, at St Cuthbert’s Church Crypt, Sandy Park Road, Brislington, commencing at 7.30pm. During winter months (November to February) meetings are held in the afternoon (2.00pm). Meetings comprise a talk, which may be illustrated, by a Society member or invited speakers, on issues of general or local interest. Occasional Local History meetings, dedicated specifically to Brislington History, are also held at Wick Road Library. These are intended to be more informal events, where members are invited to join in and contribute their memories.

Forthcoming meetings:

27th April 7.30pm Behind the Scenes at The Antiques Roadshow
Clifford White will be spilling the beans on the stories behind the cameras on this popular and long running BBC series which began in 1979.

25th May 7.30pm The Day the Queen of Portugal Came to Brislington
Jonathan Rowe and friends will tell the fascinating story of Dona Maria the Second of Portugal, illustrated with photographs and readings. During 1828, while exiled during a civil war in Portugal, Maria spent a year in England. While here she travelled through the West Country and visited Bath, Bristol and Brislington. Find out why she came here and WHAT she came to see, which made national (and international) headlines!

29th June 7.30pm Society AGM. The meeting will be followed by a short talk by Chris James from a local animal charity. Free entry! NB Annual subscriptions are due at the AGM.

27th July Society Trip to Oakham Treasures. Cost, £10 admission and coach. Contact K Hutton on 0117 9723066 to book your place. Coach will leave the library at 11.30am and Miss Millie's at 11.35am, which should enable us to arrive by 12.30 in time for lunch or a snack in the café. We aim to return at 3.45pm.

Other events

The December event (members only) is usually a Christmas meal held in a local restaurant.

Summer trip to be organised. Watch this space!

The Society also holds exhibitions of memorabilia and items of Brislington History. These include photographs and information eg History of Sandy Park shops. The Brislington Archaeology Project, who are linked to the Society, have provided artifacts and information about the local archaeology. We would welcome any information, photographs etc you may have about Brislington to add to our knowledge and to record for future generations.