Current affairs
Friends from Abroad

We have contacts all over the world. We recently received an email from Australia from a former Brislington resident who remembered "The Shrubberies", a 16th Century house which stood just behind the present St Luke's Church Hall. We were able to send her a photograph and information, and she intends to purchase our "Brislington" books.

Request for help
As you will have read above, the Society has acquired a valuable historical collection of photographs which were discovered purely by chance, and could have been lost without the quick wits and interest of the finder. We ask you to remember us when sorting out old papers, pictures etc about Brislington. We will always welcome any items, particularly if you have their story, to preserve and record our local history. Please contact any member you know, or see our contact page.

We are interested in any photographs or drawings of houses and scenes which show Brislington’s past, as well as old advertisements, local papers etc.