About us

Society Aims :
  • To strive to preserve the historic character and beauty of Brislington and the surrounding area.
  • To collect and provide information on local history, architectural and environmental matters.
History :
The Society was founded in 1984 to record and protect the area’s past, and try to safeguard its future. An initial public meeting attracted over 200 people, following which a Constitution was compiled and the Society, then called the Brislington Conservation and Amenity Society, was launched.

In its early years, a Brislington Conservation Area was established, and members became involved in the preservation and listing of the historic ‘Lynwood’ - a prominent Victorian house on the Bath Road. The Society has continued to monitor planning developments which affect the historic character of the area. We have recently assisted in listing a former summerhouse belonging to Wick House, one of Brislington’s great houses.

In 2008-2009 the Society celebrated its 25th anniversary with a variety of events including a book launch (see Publications), and an exhibition.

What we do : The Society holds regular meetings in local venues (see Events), holds exhibitions, and assists with enquiries about Brislington and family connections. We are happy to support other bodies with associated interests, eg Arnos Vale Cemetery and we liaise with organisations with similar aims such as the Reflex Camera Club and the Brislington Community Archaeology Project.